CASTL Launches Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing Onboarding Boot Camp

CASTL Launches Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing Onboarding Boot Camp

The excitement of a new hire can be overshadowed by the question, when will they feel confident to work independently? It can take up to four months or more to have a new hire fully trained in the common equipment and practices of a biomanufacturing facility. CASTL’s Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing Onboarding Boot Camp aims to shorten the training period by providing an intensive week-long foundational training course

The onboarding boot camp course includes both hands-on practical training and theoretical knowledge covering good manufacturing practices (GMP) and good documentation practices (GDP), including awareness of deviation and investigation, gowning, aseptic techniques, and the common equipment for all jobs in a manufacturing environment. This course was specially designed for newly hired operators and technical staff as a part of onboarding in a modern biopharmaceutical or bioprocessing facility

“Four months of salary for training a new employee who is not yet producing product can add up quickly, never mind the potential for deviations in the product during the training process,” said Paul-Xavier Etter, CASTL’s Director of Technical Training. “Our boot camp allows learners to train on real equipment and make their mistakes in a safe environment. There is no risk to product integrity and this investment in training and development will save companies money and time.”

During much of the onboarding period, new operators are in training mode, shadowing other employees and learning on the job from supervisors and colleagues who give their time and experience to the training. Investing in external training reduces the time it takes to get new employees confident and capable on the manufacturing floor.

The Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing Onboarding Boot Camp is delivered at CASTL’s Biomanufacturing Training Facility in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. The course includes one day of theoretical knowledge followed by three and a half days of practical skills. Class sizes are kept small, with a maximum of five learners per trainer. This allows for personalized attention and direct guidance. Learners receive a certificate of completion to complement training records.

Upon successful completion of this course, trainees will:
• Understand good manufacturing practices (GMPs) and be aware of how they impact everyday work
• Understand how to document in a controlled workplace, including deviation and incident reporting
• Understand how to use, maintain, and calibrate general equipment
• Be able to gown for controlled areas (up to class A)
• Understand how to navigate in a manufacturing facility (including the material and personnel flow)
• Be able to work aseptically in laminar flow hoods and understand the concept of bioburden control

The first offerings of this course run the weeks of October 3, 2022, and October 31, 2022. To register for an upcoming CASTL Biopharma Manufacturing Onboarding Bootcamp, click here   

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