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CASTL provides industry-informed technical skills development and training specializing in biopharmaceutical manufacturing. We are the talent engine powering Canada’s biomanufacturing sector ensuring that future and current employees have the required skills to meet the growth of the industry and succeed in their careers. 

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CASTL partners with post-secondary institutions in Canada to deliver academic, certificate, and micro-credential programs that provide students with interactive and dynamic learning experiences to develop their knowledge and appreciation for bioprocess design and operations. 


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Introduction to Bioprocessing (Online) - English

Feb 05, 2024

Introduction to Bioprocessing introduces the biopharmaceutical industry and its associated processing principles and techniques to individuals looking to enhance their knowledge of the industry.


Introduction to Upstream Theory (Online) - French

From Feb 06 to Feb 07 2024

Introduction to Upstream Processing includes both hands-on practical and theory components covering cell vial thaw, aseptic techniques, cell counting, metabolic analysis, scale up, and bioreactor operation. Equipment such as wave bag reactors, stirred-tank reactors, as well as single-use bioreactors will all be utilized to reflect the current state of biopharmaceutical manufacturing technology.


Introduction to Single-use Technologies - English

From Feb 08 to Feb 09 2024

Introduction to Single-use Technologies is designed to complement CASTL’s in-person Introduction to Bioprocessing course and will highlight the technologies that can be implemented in upstream and downstream processing. Trainees gain hands on experience of common disposable technologies used in bioprocessing operations including bioreactors, connects/disconnects, tube welders and sealers, and disposable chromatography columns. Trainees will be exposed to strategies in implementing single use components, the regulation, and risk management around leachable and extractable studies.

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CASTL opens biomanufacturing training facility in Quebec

November 27 2023

CASTL launches its first hands-on training facility in Montreal’s Technopole Angus

CASTL launches national biomanufacturing training program powered by Upskill Canada

November 27 2023

Innovative program will train 400 future biomanufacturing workers with in-demand skills 

Canadian Alliance for Skills and Training in Life Sciences partners with British Columbia Institute of Technology on new Biomanufacturing Training Facility

February 14 2023

Today, the Government of Canada and the Government of British Columbia announced a combined $7.2-million investment to create a new biomanufacturing training centre at BCIT.

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